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Why Shopify E-commerce Solution Is Good For Small Businesses

People cannot sit down any longer and watch as others are making huge monetary benefits doing business online. In the error of www, most people thought that e-commerce shops were only for the large firms until tech survey merchants cracked the idea of owning their websites and doing businesses there. Even today, it is true that developing e-commerce websites is still costly and time-consuming as one will have to hire a designer and coder who will take ages to develop one. Time is money and the fact that small businesses also need can also launch their e-commerce stores; they do not have time and money to lose hiring developers, all thanks to the now available e-commerce solutions provider such as Shopify.

This is an e-commerce platform that lets budding merchants launch their e-commerce store online affordably. It allows even technology novice people to build their websites with the help of tools that it comes with, and now startups and individuals can now trade on a level playing ground online. This e-commerce solution Shopify is beneficial to small businesses because of it.


a)   Quite Affordable

Shopify is one of the best free e-commerce website builder that allows merchants to have their e-commerce websites online at a low monthly cost. With a paltry $29 you get a custom domain, Shopify in-house payment gateway, two users and customer support, and unlimited product for full users. Again you have an option for Lite plan for only $9 a month. With it, you use Shopify button on your e-commerce blog or website then you can sell on social media.

b)   Appealing online store for buyers

Shopify enables one to create an appealing first impression to the whole world, especially if you are only a startup which relies so much on looks to attract customers. It has many e-commerce websites templates that one can use to create a simple, easy to use and beautiful website that not only serves the marketing purpose but also makes it easier for your customers to navigate your e-commerce shop. With the themes design option, you do not have to hire e-commerce websites design professionals to design the site for you.  Merchants use the themes to create a unique storefront.

c)    A Pool of Marketing Tools

Startups strive to market their products and services affordable, and with Shopify Marketing Tools, this is achieved.  In the Lite Plan package, merchants can benefit from not only SEO features but also the advanced e-commerce analytics. The later helps you to determine what your customers feel about your business and if possible up to your game in various aspect. This tool is essential for startup business since they are only beginning and are intending to run on a low budget.


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