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Tips for Selecting the Best E-commerce Website Builder

Did you know that these days, you do not need the help of a programmer to build your e-commerce store to start selling online? Many individuals and small businesses selling online did not incur cost in their quest to launch their websites. All this is made possible through getting an ideal e-commerce website builder such as Shopify. There are many paid for, and free e-commerce website builder, however, Shopify remains to be the most preferred as its monthly cost is low for startups and individuals to afford.

With the many e-commerce platforms that work exceptionally such as Shopify, it might be challenging to pick the most appropriate one for your business. However as a rule of thumbs first be clear on what you want to do with your website. Select a builder through determining your goals and features you require for the online store. Would you want the site to have a blog section, reservation system, online store, a photo gallery, slider or contact form? If unsure, you may need to view your competitors’ to get an idea. Once you are have made up your mind and ready to settle on a website builder, you can use the following criteria to weed out the inappropriate e-commerce platforms.

v Budget and Pricing

While choosing a website builder, you don’t necessarily go for the cheapest or the most costly but software with features that can execute what you want on an e-commerce website. However, ensure that you do not break your budget just to get the platform. While there are free e-commerce Platforms, most require that you pay monthly fee while others cut a certain percentage when you start selling. Always go with what is affordable for you.

v Functionality

All website builders contain themes and e-commerce websites templates which allow you to customize the store accordingly. With them, you do not have to engage an e-commerce websites design professional to design your site. Choose one with the drag and drop functionality that is handy for the type of website you require.

v Setup Options

If you are a novice in creating websites, you may need something that will work for you such that within a short time you are through setting up your e-commerce site. The best free e-commerce website builder should let you set up the site with a click and done process.

v Migration Option

Choose a builder that will allow you to migrate to a website platform when you expand. Meaning the builder needs to grow with you.